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Judd Angus Organic Farms Featured in Hour Detroit's 2021 Taste Makers!


Belleville MI's Most Trusted Supplier of Organic Angus Beef

Free Range Beef Farm in Belleville MI -Local Cows For Sale | Judd Organic Angus Farms - image-content-mealJudd Organic Angus Farms offers the best organic and free-range angus beef in Detroit, Michigan.

The only thing we do better than raise grade A organic angus beef is provide friendly customer service! 

You will taste the difference in our real farm-raised beef.

It has been our lifelong dream to provide our customers with top-quality organic beef. For the past 10 years, we have raised our Angus cows in a natural, healthy environment right here on our small organic farm, not on some industrialized feedlot in the city. As members of the Michigan Cattlemen's AssociationTM , we offer our experience and expertise to provide our customers with the very best beef nature has to offer, and at a good age, so you get meat that is fresh, tender, healthy, and organic.

Offering Custom Cuts, and Family-Friendly Farm Tours

We welcome you to visit our farm so you can see how we raise our Angus for yourself. Tours of Judd Organic Angus Farms offer guests the opportunity to see how our cows are cared for. We even offer a history of our cows, so you know exactly what you are getting - premium-quality product. You can put in your order for half cow and we trailer it to Jerome Country Market for butchering. Cows available for purchase are 18 to 24 months old. Jerome will butcher your beef to order, so you can have your half cow cut to your exact specifications.

Judd Angus Organic Farms Featured in Hour Detroit's 2021 Taste Makers!

To place an order, schedule a tour of our farm, or simply learn more about our free-range cows and premium Angus Beef, contact us today and treat yourself to some of the best meat Michigan has to offer!