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Judd Organic Angus Farms Has Premium Cows For Sale Near Ann Arbor!

Buy Half A Cow Around Ann Arbor MI - Judd Organic Angus Farms - steaks

Mark Zeferos, the owner and founder of Judd Organic Angus Farms, has always had a constant affinity for animals throughout his life. This love is what spurred him on to own and operate his own independent farm.

Mark grew tired of the inhumane and unhealthy practices that the meat industry practices, which is why Judd Farms prides itself on the natural & organic methods of raising cows to sell.

Our methods of raising our cattle helps to provide a healthy (and affordable) alternative to the industrial farming and feedlots that have grown to dominate the food and cattle market.

Passionate about not only providing a healthy food alternative, Judd Farms is also dedicated to providing its livestock a happy environment where it can roam and graze freely with minimal restrictions. We consider our farm to be a big family, and we like to think our cows and chickens are some of the happiest around!

You'll be able to taste the difference when you buy our cows that we have for sale - we guarantee it.

Why Buy Our Cattle near Ann Arbor?

The pastures of Judd Organic Angus Farms are located in Belleville, Michigan, where we bring in 18 to 24-month-old Angus cows from Nebraska stock with the finest heritage. These cows are in impeccable health, and we raise humanely with the goal of producing the best beef possible using an entirely natural process.

Our beef is perfect for health-conscious meat lovers who want to eat beef without added preservatives, antibiotics, or growth hormones. All of the cows at Judd Organic Angus Farms are fed organically, eating only grains and grasses. We take exceptional care of our cattle and allow them to free-range, so they grow to the right age when their meat is the most tender.

Simply put, our beef that we sell is premium quality and healthy, which is some of the best throughout Metro Detroit!

What Happens After You Purchase One Of Our Cows For Sale?

We send all of our meat to be processed by the Dunbar Meat Packing Company, a local meat processor with an exceptional reputation.

When your cow has reached the perfect age and is ready to be delivered to your table, we'll deliver it to Dunbar. You will then be asked to provide your specifications for exactly how you want your organic free-range beef processed. From there, you can choose to have your processed meat delivered (local customers only), or you can pick it up yourself.

Buy Half A Cow Around Ann Arbor MI - Judd Organic Angus Farms - cattleWe Love to Show Off Our Farm - Bring the Family for a Fun and Educational Tour

We invite you and your family to come take a tour of our country farm to see for yourself exactly how our cows and other livestock are raised in a humane, healthy and happy environment. This is a terrific educational experience for children to learn where their meat comes from, or they can simply visit and experience a working farm.

Our Available Cattle For Sale near Ann Arbor

Buy Half A Cow Around Ann Arbor MI - Judd Organic Angus Farms - cow120-Month-Old Pure Cow

Steer weighs about 1,200 pounds. Buy by the half cow.

  • $3.00 per pound hanging weight.
  • Hanging weight for butchering is about 720 pounds.
  • 1/2 beef is about 360 pounds (360 x $3.00 = $1,080).
  • $.49 per pound to process (butcher).
  • $25.00 per 1/2 cow kill fee.
  • Fed zero antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • Raised on free-range farm with humane practices.
  • Have it cut your way!

For quality half cows for sale near Ann Arbor, there's only one name to trust - Judd Organic Angus Farms. Contact us to start your order, or find out more about how our beef is better than the rest! We proudly serve the greater Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas. If you'd like to see where your beef comes from, we'd love to see you stop by and get a tour of our farm!